Popular Dishes

  • Chatpate

    Veg Chatpate


  • Puri Tarkari

    Puri Tarkari


  • Fry Momo

    Fried Chicken Momo


  • Mutton Bhutuwa

    Mutton Bhutuwa


  • Dhido

    Mutton Dhido Set


  • Mix Chowmein

    Mix Chowmein


  • Sekuwa

    Mutton Sekuwa


  • Dry Laphing with Wai Wai

    Dry Laphing with Wai Wai


Gagan Chulo
Gagan Chulo

Discover Our Story

Ultimate dining experience like no other

Our menu is chosen very specifically from the Authentic Nepalese Style. We understand the love for curries and keeping that mind we have come up with the best dishes in our menu. You can experience the best Momos(dimpsums) to authentic curries.